A good product video is invaluable to any business. From demonstrating how your products work to product reviews, this versatile style of content has many uses. 


In this guide, we’ll walk you through nine top tips for creating an effective product video and show you how it can boost sales.



What are Product Videos?


A product video shows off your product, highlighting its best features and benefits. The format and purpose of your product video can vary depending on your goal. Here are some product video examples.


Product Explainer Video


Many of us don’t like to ask how something works or what it does. By having an explainer video, organizations can answer the customer’s question before it’s asked. This allows them to make a purchase decision more quickly.


This style of short-form video highlights the product at a top level. Businesses often use product explainer videos for complex products that invite questions. This type of video is effective for helping consumers reach a purchasing decision. 


Product Demo Video


If you have a product that needs to be seen in action, a product demo video is a great option. This type of product video shows your customers how your product works in a real-life situation. Having a video of someone using your product helps the customer decide whether to buy. Product demo videos boost sales by showcasing the value of your product in a convenient format.


Product Review Video


Word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of advertising. And that includes product review videos. This type of video involves asking people who have already used your product to review it in video format.


Product review videos act as social proof and showcase how your product or service can solve your customer’s problem. This can boost sales by giving your potential customers confidence in your product and brand.


Product Launch Video


When you have a new product to launch, videos can create excitement. Product launch videos are often used as part of a wider launch campaign to introduce the product. Product launch videos should capture attention, increase click-through rates, and get people excited. If you’re in a crowded market, your product launch videos must stand out.


Video Ads


Video ads can take on many forms, including the product video examples listed above. They’re an important part of any product marketing strategy. Video ads help users remember your brand, resulting in a higher likelihood of a sale.



How to Create a Product Video: Our 9 Tips


Now you know the different types of product video, it’s time to think about product video production. While each type involves slightly different steps, we’ve outlined nine key tips to ensure your videos are effective.


1. Plan Your Content


Before you pick up the camera, be sure to write a detailed script. This should include the features, benefits, and calls to action you want to include. You should also consider how you want the video to look, including angles and the product video setting.


2. Look at Examples


If you’ve never created a product video before, look for inspiration from brands you admire. Consider what you like about their videos so you can adapt them for your content. Be sure to look at brands in the same, as well as different, industries as their approaches could help you stand out in your sector.


3. Speak to Your Audience


When filming, you should ensure you have the customer front of mind. Think about their priorities, pain points, what motivates them, and the type of language they use. The key to your product video is to resonate with your target audience and pique their interest. Film in an environment familiar to them, focus on the product features, and add emotive music themes.


4. Use the Right Equipment


From high-quality cameras to professional microphones, a product video is only as good as the equipment you use. Think about your product and how it works. What equipment is going to ensure you get the best angles that showcase its features and benefits? For example, if you have a large outdoor product, you could consider drone footage.


5. Prioritize High-Quality Footage


Whether it’s a product explainer video or a launch video, the quality of your footage is key. High-quality product videos show your potential customers how serious you are about your brand and product.


6. Try a Few Options


If you’re new to creating product videos, it might take a while to find what works. Experiment with multiple options and explore innovative ideas to make the most of your product. You might need to re-film and edit your final video a few times to get it right.


7. Keep it Consistent


When creating a series of product videos, it’s essential to remain consistent. This can apply to the filming style, lighting, backdrops, and the genre of music you use. For example, if you’re filming product demo videos, it might be a good idea to use the same angles each time. Your customers will appreciate consistency and start to build a view of your brand.


8. Pick the Perfect Soundtrack


Effective product videos create an emotional connection, and your music selection plays a key role in this. For example, if you’re creating a product launch video and want to build excitement, choose something bold and upbeat. If it’s a review, you’ll want softer background music for your product video. Product demo videos might benefit from percussion and a good beat.


9. Include a Call-to-Action


Every type of video should include a strong call to action. This ensures interested customers can continue their journey. If you’ve created a product explainer video, link to a landing page with more details. If you’re experimenting with video ads, link to your website or a specific product.



Get Started With Product Videos


No matter what product you’re selling, creating high-quality product videos is key. Once you’re happy that your video features everything your customers need to know, you can start to plan its distribution. Be sure to make the most of your content, posting it on your website, social media pages, and YouTube channel.

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