Engaged couple

‘They said yes!’ on replay

Maybe your proposal will take place on a countryside break with strawberries and champagne. Maybe it’ll happen at a balloon and confetti-filled gathering with all your loved ones. Either way, capturing your proposal on camera will allow you to relive this moment til death do us part. And a romantic engagement song will make the video all the more special.

Reliving the memory aside, a proposal video makes for the perfect engagement announcement. And we all know that announcing your engagement can be as exciting as the proposal.

These engagement announcement ideas will help you create the proposal video of dreams.


How to create a music video for your wedding proposal

Creating a music video for your wedding proposal doesn’t need to be complicated. Follow these five simple steps to document the moment with ease:

  • Decide what kind of engagement video you’ll create
  • Plan your photo/video engagement shoot
  • Choose your engagement song
  • Create your engagement video
  • Write an engagement announcement caption

With these steps pinned down, you’ll be ready to share your engagement video with all your loved ones and followers.


1. Decide what kind of engagement video you’ll create

You could create various types of proposal videos. Options include:

  • Filming the proposal itself. A video of the proposal allows you to watch the moment back exactly as it unfolded.
  • Arranging an engagement photoshoot. Whether you ask a pro or a friend to help, engagement photos set to a romantic engagement song are dreamy. You could take these photos during/after the proposal.
  • Making a unique announcement video. You don’t have to limit yourself to photos and videos from your proposal. A compilation of photos and video clips from before and after the moment can create a beautiful story. Why not throw in photos and videos of your other special memories together?

Once you know whether you’ll use photos and/or videos, it’s time to plan your engagement shoot.


2. Plan your photo/video engagement shoot

An extra pair of hands will prove handy for capturing your engagement photos and/or footage. You could hire a photographer to handle the shots or ask a friend to capture the moment. You could even have one friend ready to take photos and one poised to film.

With your dream team ready to help, it’s time to plan the finer details: where, when, and how you’ll pop the question. Here are some ideas to help you choose an engagement location and set the scene:

  • Choose a spot that holds special memories for you. The place you met. Your first holiday destination. The restaurant you went to for your first date.
  • Choose a private, idyllic spot. A woodland where you can hang lanterns and fairy lights. A lakeside bank where you can lay out candles and take a rowing boat on the water. A vineyard with acre upon acre of scenic grapevines.
  • Choose a city break that your other half has always dreamed of. A May trip to New York, with a proposal under the cherry trees in Brooklyn’s Botanical Gardens. A luxury weekend in Paris with a proposal on the rooftop of a classic French hotel. A break in Iceland with a proposal under the Northern Lights.
  • Choose your home, where you can keep the proposal cozy and private. Cook your other half’s favorite meal. Prepare a movie night proposal with matching pajamas and plenty of popcorn. Involve your child or pet by giving them a plaque engraved with “Will you marry me?” to present.

Think about how easy it’ll be to document the moment on camera, whichever route you take.


3. Choose your engagement song

Music will set the mood of your proposal video and make it extra special. You may like to use music trending on social media platforms. The biggest trending proposal reels on social media use:


4. Create your romantic video

It's time to create your engagement video with your photos and/or videos collated and your song choice made. Several online video makers allow you to compile images and clips with your proposal song.

Whichever software you use, download your proposal song from our library of high-quality music. You can use this music on any video you create without worrying about copyright issues.


5. Write an engagement announcement caption

When creating your proposal video, one last thing to do is write your engagement announcement caption. Once you’ve written this, you’ll have everything you need to send your video to the world.

Here are some engagement announcement caption ideas to get you started:

  • Keep it short and simple with a single sentence. Try: “I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you” or “Here’s to forever.”
  • Make it funny. Try: “Officially off the market” or “About time!”
  • Quote your favorite film or TV show. Try: “Better Than Pretzel Day” (The Office) or “I Found My Lobster” (Friends).


How to announce your engagement

With your video and engagement announcement caption ready, it’s time to announce your news. Share your engagement video on social media and/or your vlogging channel if you want everyone to know. If you’d like to keep the news more private, set up a family-only viewing of your proposal video at home. The social media announcement can come later.


Engagement song inspiration for your proposal video

High-quality music will add that romance-inducing finish to your engagement video. Don’t worry if you can’t choose between multiple songs when exploring our catalog. Download all the music you love and use these songs in your wedding planning videos. There’ll be many to create.

Listen to our Wedding playlist to find the perfect music for your engagement and wedding-related videos.