Bring the energy with the right music for fitness videos

Home workout videos are a fantastic way to get fit without needing to hit the gym. The huge range of YouTube workout videos means everyone can enjoy a HIIT, yoga, or boxercise class whenever they want (even in their pajamas).

Creating workout videos is a great way for fitness instructors to reach new audiences and monetize their skills. However, just like a gym class’ music, the background tracks you choose for your video need to match the mood and pace. 

Here are some tips on selecting the right workout songs to keep your viewers moving. 


Choosing music for workout videos

When considering how to make a workout video stand out from the crowd, choosing a soundtrack with the right rhythm and tempo is key. The speed of the music is also likely to change as you progress through the video.

From getting the body moving to cooling it down again, here are some tips for soundtracking the different stages of a cardio or strength workout. 


Any fitness professional knows a thorough warm-up is key to a good workout. Choosing the right track will motivate viewers for what’s to come and encourage them to stretch and move. 

When categorizing songs, look for one with a speed of between 100 and 120 beats per minute (BPM). The best gym music will ease your audience into the session while still being uptempo. For a warm-up of between five and ten minutes in length, you’ll need to choose about three songs. To gear your audience up further, choose tracks that gradually increase their BPM.

The warm-up is also where you set the tone of the workout, so picking the right genre is also key. For example, you could select: 

  • Hip-hop for a dance-based fitness routine
  • Pop for a HIIT or cardio-focused class
  • Rock for boxercise or strength-based sessions

Main workout

As the main section kicks in, it’s time to up the pace. Again, let your audience and the type of workout guide your music choice. 

High-energy cardio workouts can reach up to 170 BPM. For lower-impact workouts, stick to around 150 BPM. If you’re doing strength training, choosing a track with 120 BPM can help push your class through every rep. 

Choosing extended tracks or ones that are complimentary when mixed will also avoid any drop-off in intensity. Make sure you have enough soundtrack to cover the length of the main session, typically this is between 15 and 30 minutes long.

Cool down

Finally, reward your audience with a relaxing cooldown. Here, the tempo of music tracks can ease to around 90 or even 80 BPM. This will help bring everyone’s heart rate down as they stretch and get ready to move into the rest of their day.


Matching tracks to the workout style

If the workout you’re running isn’t high-tempo, then you will want to explore alternative genres. 

For yoga, pilates, or Tai Chi sessions, consider the following track styles:

  • Lofi hip-hop for low-impact energy
  • Piano or instrumental tracks for a relaxing ambiance
  • Natural soundscapes to transport your audience outdoors

Finding the perfect workout soundtrack

Selecting the appropriate genre and tempo of music is just the first step to soundtracking your fitness video. You also need to make sure that the music: 

  • Is copyright-free: Unless you're happy to pay the royalties for a track, you need to choose music with no rights reserved. Check out our collection of copyright-free motivating fitness tracks.
  • Complements other audio: Don't choose tracks that will drown you out as you talk through the workout. Recording quality audio of your speech and double-checking volume levels will help your audience hear you loud and clear
  • Fits your style: If you're starting to build your fitness brand, then the music you choose needs to match it. Stick with similar genres and start to build a collection of tracks you like to make it easier to soundtrack future videos


Once you've found the right soundtrack, make sure you leave plenty of time to adjust it during your video editing process. That way, you can make sure it fits perfectly with your moves, motivates your audience, and keeps them coming back for more. 

Browse our wide selection of fitness playlists to find the right accompaniment for your next viral video.