Social content creators recognize the power of making emotional connections with their audience. Far from the sometimes-ironic, sometimes-not stylings of Gen Z’s ‘doomer humor’, social content that captures sad moments with sincerity is becoming increasingly popular.


But how does this raw and emotional content contend with the high-energy videos populating social platforms, especially in a world where attention spans only grow shorter? The answer lies in using a sad song.


Combining your social media story with a sad song can let a viewer fully embrace the message the creator has shared.


If you want to make this emotive content with your audience, we will explore every aspect. From picking a song to editing it for maximum impact, you’ll soon be tugging on the heartstrings of your audience.



What can a sad song add to my social video?


When it comes to the viral hits on social media, it’s rarely been the visuals that have spawned a series of imitations and homages. Particularly on platforms defined by their music, certain songs can break through the algorithm and become the latest trend for content.


But it’s not just the enhanced shareability that makes adding a song to your video wise. It also fosters a deeper emotional connection, allowing the audience to relate more easily to your video's emotion


But when it comes to sadness, there are many forms of sadness that you can use. 


You could make your video more sentimental, as a dedication to a close family member or a celebrity. Or maybe you’ll want to take your viewers back in time with feelings of nostalgia with a track that turns your video into a time capsule.


Be sure to use the full range of sad emotions that we experience, and you’ll be able to connect with a greater number of viewers in a more meaningful way.



How to choose the right sad background music for your video


You’ll want to consider several features before you finally settle on your sad song. 


Firstly, you’ll want to think about the tempo. We all know sad songs tend to have longer, more mournful notes and drawn-out chords. You’ll want to consider whether the song is potentially too slow for you to edit your video around it.


Remember, if your audio and visuals aren’t in sync, then your video is unlikely to make as much of a lasting impression.


Next, you’ll want to make sure the lyrics of your chosen song - if it has any - also match the story you’re creating with your video.


Sad songs can capture every feeling, from light reflection to intense sadness in their words. This makes it important to choose a song that matches the exact story you're telling in your video.



How to incorporate sad music into your social content


Integrating your sad song into a video seamlessly can take a little practice. But here are some straightforward tips that should help you pull it all together:

  • Sync up the key musical and visual moments - You’ll want to develop an eye for those impactful moments in your video and line them up with highlights in the music. Whether it’s a powerful lyric or a tempo shift, doing this will make your key scenes hit that much harder.
  • Balance your volume - Volume is a balancing act. You want your music to be loud enough to be felt by your viewers but not so loud that it drowns out everything else. Play around with the volume until you find that sweet spot where the music complements your video, not defines it.
  • Smooth it out with fades - The easiest way to stop your music from being jarring is to make it gently flow in and out of your video. Having your sad song suddenly snap in and out will make it more difficult for your viewers to get absorbed into it.
  • Lead with the beat - If your video, your song, or both have a strong rhythm, use it. Match them together using either quick cuts or slow-mo, and it’ll help neatly tie your content together.





Using sad music in your social videos isn’t just a ploy to manipulate your audience into liking your content. It’s an effective way to connect with your viewers through the sadder moments we can all relate to.

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