How to use YouTube trends to create great content

A great way to up your YouTube revenues and subscriber numbers is creating content on the latest trending topics. The hard part is deciding which topics to choose for your channel.


In this article, we look at the value of creating trending content for your channel, which tools will help you find current trends and how to choose the right one for your channel.



What is the value of creating trending YouTube videos?


Creating videos for a trending topic can significantly boost your channel's performance.


The best way to benefit from an emerging video trend is to create the best and most engaging content available on the particular subject. Try to give your viewers insights, opinions, and facts no other channel gives them.


This attention to detail is likely to generate high numbers of likes, shares, and comments. The better your video, the more chances you’ll sign up new subscribers too.

When you get great engagement on your trending topic videos, it creates a virtuous circle. Your video will start to appear higher on searches and in more people's recommended video feeds and this will draw in even more viewers.


The higher your visibility, the more viewers you attract. This leads to further engagement and new cycles of growth for your channel.



Spotting the next YouTube trend


YouTube trends come and go quickly. So you need to keep a constant eye out on the platform to spot them. There are apps that can help you quickly spot trending videos on YouTube.


• YouTube's Trending Dashboard tells you what is currently capturing the public's interest. You can see real-time trending topics and drill down into specific trends 
• Google Trends shows the long-term popularity of particular keywords. Type in the term you’re interested in and then select "YouTube search" from the drop-down menu. 
• Social media platforms are another great trend indicator. See what’s currently viral on TikTok, Pinterest, and X (formerly Twitter) for inspiration. 
• More in-depth paid alternatives, like VidIQ and TubeBuddy, can help you tap into trending content ideas for YouTube using their trend alerts and video engagement analytics.


Make sure you check out the comments below videos on trending topics when planning your own content. These will help you see if there are any gaps in your audience’s knowledge or interests that you can look to fill with your own expertise. 



Choosing the right trends for your YouTube channel


When thinking about the content you should make for your YouTube channel, remember that not every trend is worth following. Some trends spike in visibility very quickly and then fade away. Look for clues about how long a topic has been trending and whether it’s still growing or not. 


Evergreen content doesn’t age or only needs occasional updates. You get a better long-term return if you create a video that will be relevant, interesting, and valuable to your target audience in a few years’ time. 


So don’t put all your focus towards trending searches on YouTube. Instead, try to leverage your areas of expertise and go niche on any topics you target. Work on content that covers trending topics your current subscribers are likely to enjoy. That way, you’ll retain their loyalty while still reaching brand-new audiences.


Before you decide to shoot and upload a video on a trending topic, think about the following:


• Make it about you: Your audience appreciates you because of the spin and focus you put on the topics you cover. Approach the trending topic in a way they expect and want from you
• Likely engagement: Consider whether both your new and existing audiences will like what you produce. Will they generate enough positive engagement to help you with the algorithm? If not, is it really worth creating it?
• Opportunity vs cost: If you’re going to spend time creating a video on a trending topic, you need to make sure it’s a worthwhile investment


Selecting ‘trendy’ formats


To create truly unique content for YouTube, you need to choose trending formats as well as topics. Here are some kinds of videos that currently make up the most popular content on YouTube:


• Short-form videos. With the introduction of YouTube Shorts, video sharing on the platform has expanded to include edits of just a few seconds long
• Unboxing videos: A form of reaction video in which viewers watch the creator remove a product from its packaging for the first time. They then share the details of everything included in the box and give a first glimpse at the product itself
• Live streams: From video game content creators to manufacturers. Live streams are a great way of engaging audiences in discussions about trending topics
• Product reviews: After a creator has used a new product or service for a while, they share what's good about the product and what could be better. This helps viewers decide if this is the right product for them
• Tutorial videos: Educational videos are longer-form, in-depth takes on a topic. The evergreen nature of this content means that it generally has longer-term staying power

By choosing the right topic and format, creators can connect with their audience in new and positive ways. Creating different types of videos will sharpen your editing skills too.



Start taking advantage of video trends now


If a topic that’s relevant to your channel begins to trend, try to take advantage of it. This could be a golden opportunity to grow your subscriber numbers. 


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