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Universal Music for Creators offers a diverse library of over 50,000 tracks and 200,000 sound effects. Enhance your YouTube music library using our music, ensuring you never have to worry about copyright claims.

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No claims and no stress

Use tracks freely on your personal accounts across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok Twitch, Snapchat or podcasts. We manage the licensing intricacies, enabling you to focus on creating content.

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Connect your channel

If you're an active subscriber, you can use our music for YouTube videos without worrying about copyright claims. Make sure to add your YouTube channel ID to your Universal Music for Creators account.

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Cancellation and copyright

Videos uploaded to your YouTube channel during the subscription period are free from copyright claims, even post-cancellation. New YouTube video uploads using our music will not be covered after your subscription expires.

Is Universal Music for Creator music free to use on YouTube?
Absolutely! Think of our music as 'royalty-free reimagined' or 'better than royalty-free.' With a subscription, access our extensive music and sound effects library free of additional fees. This access isn't just limited to music for YouTube; it extends to all platforms associated with your account. Say goodbye to copyright claims and welcome a new era of elevating your videos with ease and freedom. Welcome to a world where your creativity is unhindered and fully supported, where you can use our royalty-free music across various platforms!

Why choose Universal Music for Creators? 
Our platform is more than just another YouTube music library; it's a gateway to a sound legacy that has shaped the biggest film and TV productions.

As a newcomer in the market, we're here to offer something different. Our music catalog, born from the expertise of award-winning composers and artists, is a curated collection constantly updated to reflect the latest trends and genres. It's designed with today's digital creators in mind, perfect for enhancing social media videos, podcasts, and more with a fresh and distinctive sound.

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