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Learning how to film food videos is crucial in any video production journey. From healthy snacks to decadent desserts, food content is an excellent way to gain new followers, especially if you plan to join the ranks of the many successful cooking channels on YouTube.

If you are more of a food writer, adding video content to your food blog can add a whole new dimension to your words and diversify your online presence.   

Whatever your goals, this article will help you gain the skills to make successful food videos. 

1.Test the Recipe

Start by testing the recipe to ensure you master all the steps. This will ensure you can get all the mistakes out of the way in a stress-free environment. At this stage, the finished product doesn't have to look pretty. The goal is to master the cooking process before you focus on learning how to make food videos.

Pro tip: This is the perfect time to start thinking about how you want to present the recipe on video. Make sure to take notes throughout the process. This will be vital for creating a storyboard (more on that later).

2. Prepare the Ingredients

Preparation will save you time, energy and money in the long run. Start by buying all the ingredients you need to make your recipe. Feel free to buy more ingredients than usual, just in case things don't go according to plan on the first try. 

Pro tip: Buy the brightest tomatoes and the roundest apples. The point is to choose beautiful ingredients that will look good on camera. You can then use them as props to decorate your set.

3. Make a Storyboard 

Forgetting to film an important step of the recipe can be very frustrating. To avoid this situation, grab your notes from the recipe test run and write an outline of the shots you want to film. This will help you keep track of the content you need to capture on shooting day.

Pro tip: Plan different camera angles and compositions, even if you don't use them all. It is always best to have more footage than not enough when editing. 

4. Use a High-Quality Camera

Audiences love high-quality images. If you have a professional or semi-professional DSLR camera, all the better. If not, most smartphones come equipped with top-quality lenses. You can use yours to film your food videos. 

Pro tip: Invest in a tripod to stabilize your shots. Professional-looking videos will get more traction.

5. Don't Forget About the Microphone

Use a quality microphone to capture ambient sounds such as sizzling, bubbling, pouring, and chopping. These ASMR sounds can induce a pleasant and relaxing feeling to entice your viewers’ senses. You can also use your microphone to narrate the video with a dash of storytelling to make the recipe more compelling.

Pro tip: If you are presenting in the video, choose a discreet microphone to attach to your clothing while cooking. This will ensure your audio quality remains consistent throughout the video.  

6. Style Your Food

It’s important to use aesthetic tableware, wooden boards, and quality kitchen towels to elevate your cooking video setup. Consider using any high-quality utensils you may already have, or make a trip to the store to complete your setup.

Pro tip: Add decorative elements to your set, such as herbs, flowers, and other finishing details that may elevate the final look.

7. Choose the Perfect Backdrop

Find the best spot in your kitchen to shoot your content. It doesn't need to be an expensive-looking backdrop. Marble and quartz countertops are beautiful, but as long as your space is clean and well-lit, you are good to go.

Pro tip: Do you still want to go for that marble look without breaking the bank? You can buy a marble-patterned backdrop board online. Use it to cover your countertop or your wall to elevate your space.

8. Edit the Video

Whether you filmed your content with your phone or a DSLR camera, use editing software to edit your video. Audiences are increasingly used to fast-paced content, so avoid long pauses and pick up a dynamic pace. Don't forget to add captions to make your content more inclusive. Captions can be particularly helpful when making a cooking techniques video. ASMR food videos might not need them.

Pro tip: Some editing software programs are 100% free. Apple users can use iMovie, while Microsoft users can try OpenShot.

9. Add Background Music

Last but not least, add catchy background music to your video. The right background song will set the mood of your video and contribute to its success. Explore our music library where you can find curated tracks for food videos. You can choose the best songs for food videos, from relaxing pieces to jazzy tracks.

To film food videos, you have to be both creative and organized. Do you want to make YouTube cooking videos, or are wondering how to make TikTok food videos? By following these essential tips, you will increase your chances of success. More than anything, stay as authentic as you can. Viewers follow you for a reason. So give them a taste of your culinary passion through their screens.

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Ready, Steady Cook: How to Film Food Videos